Amazing Taste
Amazing Taste

Willy Wonka Shatter by Wonka Extracts. Very tasty. Each Order Contains 1 Gram of Shatter Banana Candy = 87% THC

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Willy Wonka Shatter by Wonka Extracts. This recent homage to the beloved author and his greatest literary creation placed in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup in the form of a THC concentrateWilly Wonka Shatter is a sativa-dominant mix of Willie Nelson and Sweet Tooth (precise sativa/indica ratio unclear). It’s hard to find any information about exactly how much THC this strain has, but it reportedly delivers a moderately potent high. The experience is both cerebral and physical, with deep relaxation, a calming body buzz, and sleepy couch-lock effects. That makes this a very good choice for patients with anxiety or insomnia, though a full list of uses is hard to come by. The smell and flavor are reminiscent of candy, as the name suggests, though there are also pine notes to the taste. The buds are lime green with flecks of brown and a decent layer of trichomes on the surface. There are no widespread reports of adverse effects, but dry mouth and dry eyes should be expected. This strain sells best on the West Coast and in the American Southwest.

Each Order Contains 1 Gram of Shatter