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$130 OZ

Bubble Yum is a popular indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Bubble Yum's genetics are a little unclear, but it is believed to be made from an unknown cross of Indiana Bubble Gum. This strain produces a body-numbing high that erases pain and leaves your mind somewhat stimulated. Consumers who smoke Bubble Yum often say it helps them stay alert and creative, while others report a stoney head high. In small doses, this strain can be enjoyed throughout the day. In large doses Bubble Yum can dry out your mouth, so make sure you have adequate hydration available while you partake. This strain features a flavor profile reminiscent of its namesake, with bubble gum and sweet floral flavours bursting through. Medical marijuana patients choose Bubble Gum to relieve symptoms associated with disorders like chronic pain, nausea, stress, and depression.

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